Managing Directors

Mag. Dr. Roland Kalb, CTO

Dr. Roland Kalb is the founder and technical-scientific director of the company. After completing his studies in chemistry at the University of Vienna, he worked as an assistant at the Institute of Organic Chemistry. Shortly afterwards, he was appointed Head of the Organic Chemistry Department at the ECHEM (Competence Centre for Applied Electro-chemistry). In 2003 he invented a halide free, industrial production process for ionic liquids (CBILS®-process) and set up proionic in 2004. He is the key expert in ionic liquids, their use and production. He is currently leading ongoing technology development projects that are being carried out for customers. He also manages the sales activities for these customers. Mr. Kalb regularly attends key international congresses in the field of ionic liquids as a lecturer and/or to acquire new customers. Roland Kalb is named as the inventor on more than 100 international patents and patent applications based on more than 25 inventions; with 18 years of practical experience in the development, production and technical application of ionic liquids, he is now one of the world's leading innovators in the field. He recently obtained a doctor degree from the University of Rostock, Germany.




DI Dr. Michael Koncar, CEO

Dr. Michael Koncar is CEO of proionic. After completing his doctorate in Engineering Sciences, he founded the company VTU Engineering GmbH. It soon became necessary due to the company's strong growth to set up a holding company. In 2010, VTU Holding GmbH acquired 70% of the shares in proionic. Dr. Koncar's responsibilities include organizing production, implementing sales activities and managing in-house organization (human resources, accounting, administration, etc.).