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Ionic Liquid Technology Development

We develop revolutionary innovations with you. Do not just look for improvements - aspire to achive real leaps in innovation
proionic enables the implementation of innovative technologies which emerge from the combination of ionic liquids, application expertise and technical realization. We offer our customers the opportunity to participate in development collaboration in different sectors to jointly develop completely new products and bring them to market. Following joint development, our customers use and sell new technologies for which proionic supplies ionic liquids and licenses.


Technology sectors for collaborative development projects


  • Electrolytes, e.g. in dye-sensitized solar cells, Li-ion batteries and capacitors
  • Finishing chemicals in textile and paper industries
  • Biopolymers and renewable raw materials, e.g. for purification or digestion of cellulose
  • Production and processing of composite materials, high-performance fibers and nano particles, e.g. chemical welding
  • New operating fluids for the development of innovative plant and machinery (lubricants, hydraulic fluids, coolants, heat transfer media, sealing media)
  • High-performance coupling media in microwave technology
  • Innovative solvents and catalysts for the chemical industry
  • New process chemicals for reaction technology and separation technology



Key benefits


  • More than 15 years of application know-how
  • CBILS® tool box for quick synthesis of a broad variety of ionic liquids
  • Joint development together with customers
  • Profound experience in many different areas
  • Huge database of various important physical and chemical parameters of ionic liquids and corresponding know-how regarding rational design and fine-tuning to obtain desired properties
Further Services

Next-generation ionic liquid production & development

Innovative solutions for the efficient & competitive production and development of ionic liquids

Production of ionic liquids

Efficient, halide- and waste-free production from kg- to ton scale using the patented CBILS® process



Ionic liquid technology development

Your individual solution through next-generation ionic liquid technologies as well as long-term experience & extensive know-how


Choose from a wide range of established ionic liquids from kg-to ton scale.


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