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Arkema new main shareholder of proionic


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Arkema, a global leader in Specialty Materials addressing ever-growing demand for new and sustainable materials, has acquired a majority stake of nearly 78% in proionic.


"With proionic, Arkema continues to enrich its unique portfolio of differentiating technologies, and strengthens its position as the partner of choice for co-developing the safer, more efficient and more sustainable batteries of the future. We are delighted to welcome proionic's teams to this great adventure" says Armand Ajdari, Arkema’s Chief Technology Officer.

While Arkema’s core interest in ionic liquids comes from the strong believe that it will be key components in the formulation of safer liquid electrolytes and for the next generation of solid state batteries, Arkema also values proionic’s leading position in biomass processing with ionic liquids.

“It is very important for Arkema to point out that, besides our own interest in ionic liquid usage in battery applications, we also fully support proionic’s development of its current business fields, staying a competent and relying partner for all their existing and future customers, bringing ionic liquids to a commercial scale”, says David Silagy, High Performance Polymers R&D Vice President Arkema, representing Arkema in the management board of proionic.




David Silagy


Arkema new main shareholder of proionic  

Arkema, a global leader in Specialty Materials addressing ever-growing demand ...

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